Mother's Quilts

Mother learned to quilt at age 12. Her grandmother taught her. Her mother did other needle arts but quilting was not among her many areas of expertise. Thank goodness for my great grandmother! I have been very fortunate to have grown up with an ever changing array of quilts in my life and after my mother passed away I took up quilting myself. With all that heritage in my life to draw from I still ended up teaching myself.

The collection of quilts I acquired from my mother’s many years of needle work is a treasure I will pass on to her grandchildren and great grandchildren.

  • Mother's Quilts Applique

    I want to share the details of my lovely collection of quilts that came to me from my mother, grandmother, great grandmother and an aunt, and a great aunt. I am so blessed to have the quilts that were lovingly made by the women in my family who went before me. The work is beautiful. All these quilts except one were made and used and loved by many members of my family. Enjoy, there is quite a selection of them. I believe this quilt was made my my Aunt Helen Rita or Great Aunt Eva.

  • Mother's Quilts Dresden Plate

    This is a lovely Dresden plate. Notice the effective secondary patterning with mom's placement of her straight lines. She quilted beautifully and liked her areas of quilting to be at least a finger width apart.

  • Mother's Quilts Embroidery

    I don't know what this is called, but I know you buy the blocks in kits. There are 6 blocks in a kit.

  • Mother's Quilts Friendship
  • Mother's Quilts Water Lily

    This quilt was made by my step-great grandmother. My mother passed along to me. It has never been washed. It was made in the 1920's and it still has the pencil lines that were used for quilt marking.

  • Mother's Quilts Pink SBS

    I'm sure my mother made this one because of the little black embroidery floss stitches on the edges of the girls. My mother preferred the wasp waisted girls over the fat Sues. She loved to put in the details.

  • Mother's Quilt Dresden Plate

    I love this variation on the Dresden Plate. I had just finished a customer quilt when I noticed it was the same pattern, with the points. This detail had not registered with me at first. The customer quilt is in the customer section and is Bobbi's quilt.

  • Mother's Quilts Tulips Applique

    My mother talked about a tulip quilt that was on her bed as a child and for the life of her could never find that quilt as an adult. After my mother passed away, my aunt called and said she had a box in her attic that had belonged to my grandmother and she wanted me to come take it away. It had the missing tulip quilt in it. This quilt is a quilt my mother made in the 1980's from memory. The only thing different from the original quilt was the thickness and color of the stems in the border. Amazing. I got goosebumps the first time I had them side by side and looked at them.

  • Mother's Missing Tulip Quilt

    This is the quilt that was stored in the metal box for 50 years. My Aunt gave me the box after my Mother passed away and no one was more thrilled than ME to find that tulip quilt that she had talked about all those years.

  • Mother's Postage Stamp Quilt

    This is another of the quilts in the mystery metal box. I know this quilt was made in the early 20's by my Great Grandmother. Something about the metal box must have been a little magic. These quilts were USED. They are in excellent condition. The colors are magnificent. The quilt is a real treasure of old fabrics. My G Grandmother was an excellent craftswoman and my Mother was very fortunate to have learned quilting at her knee.

  • Mother's Quilts Turkey Track

    My mother made 4 wedding quilts for her 4 children. This one was mine. She made it many years before I was married. Each wedding quilt was a Turkey Track and mine and my sister's are the only ones still around. Each Turkey Track quilt had a different variation of the block. I'm sorry I don't have the two she made for my brothers.

  • Joanne's Wedding Turkey Track

    Mom made each of her children a different Turkey Track quilt for a wedding gift. Apparently she did not know it was bad luck! Another name for this quilt is called Wandering Foot and it was considered bad luck to make it be a wedding quilt as one or the other of the happy couple could stray.

  • Joanne's TT with Baby Quilt

    Joanne also got a baby quilt made with the Turkey Track pattern, but this smaller quilt was a pieced Turkey Track and does not match the larger quilt. it was for Joanne's first born, Beth.

  • Mother's Quilts Diamonds

    Quilt stories are wonderful. This one is funny. My mother quilted for ladies in the neighborhood, as did my Aunt Laura, who quilted for money. I remember seeing many different quilts on Aunt Laura's frame over the years. This particular quilt my mother did one year and took it down the street when it was finished to give to the lady who made it. When she opened the quilt the lady said it wasn't hers. No one in the neighborhood would 'fess up that it belonged to them, so I ended up with it. I love it because it is so odd looking. Probably why it was not claimed, but it is not the ugliest quilt in the world!

  • Mother's Quilts Bias Embroidery

    This quilt's block is simply yellow bias sewn in arcs and loops. Very simply, very effective.

  • Mother's Quilts Yellow SBS

    Mother's favorite Sue. Each of her granddaughters got to make one of these quilts one summer while visiting with their Grandma and Grandpa. Each child picked her sashing color. After mom passed, I found a box of blocks in her things of one more set of these Sues that are dated. She started the blocks in the box in November 7th 1977 when my father started failing and finished them three days before he passed on February 20th 1978. All the fabric for the sashings is in the box, too. She has the name of one of her granddaughters on the box lid, but I checked with her and she already had her Sue from that long ago summer. Guess it's mine to put together for ME!

  • Mother's Sun Bonnet Sue Green

    After seeing the Sun Bonnet Sue in the previous picture, which was one of the four quilts in the missing metal box, I see my Mother was enamored of the thinner waisted Sues. One summer her Granddaughters were staying for summer vacation and she put each of them to work on making themselves one apiece. I have one more to round up and photograph. By the way, the Granddaughters were very young, maybe 9, 10 and 12.

  • Mother's Sun Bonnet Sue Purple

    The second of the summer Granddaughter Sun Bonnet Sue project.

  • Mother's Quilts ~ Beth's College Quilt

    When the oldest granddaughter went away to college she picked this quilt for her Grandma to make. It is extra long to cover those long college dorm beds and it is extra heavy with all those folded petals. A lot of the batting has migrated and pilled on the back, as Mom used Mountain Mist batting. The quilt is still in great shape and the colors are still very vibrant. It was made in the early 80's I believe. I have to check the date to be certain of that.

  • Mother's Dresden Plate

    This quilt is one my niece says was on my bed, but I don't remember it. Maybe I had too many quilts to sleep under all my life. It is deeply scalloped with plate petals. Very nice detail for the plate design.

  • Mother's Bow Tie

    Another of her quilts I don't remember. But I guess it isn't my job to remember them all for my past, but to preserve them for the future.

  • Joanne's Hawaiian Quilt

    Another quilt I need to round up is the one that inspired this one. My mom made a gorgeous red Hawaiian quilt just because she had to try it. After she passed, we gave the quilt to our cousin in Texas because she had always wanted a quilt from mom but had not asked. I cannot think of a more fitting recipient of my mother's love and affection. This green quilt my sister made from colors she wanted, which was green and white, but the fabric is gauze and is not holding up well. It is also very heavy.

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