Kids Corner

I feel passing on the love of quilting to future generations is a must. I never turn down a request from a child to learn how to sew. Emily is my great niece and the second child I had the privilege of teaching. She had to stand up to sew her first quilts because her legs did not reach the pedal of the machine if she was sitting down. We improvised and by age 8 had already six quilts done and gifted to people she loved.

  • Toby

    My little helper no longer lives with me. He did keep track of all my sewing when he was in my sewing room.

  • Laura's pre-design wall quilt design
  • Laura's Christmas quilt

     In the summer of 2011 this is the quilt that Laura worked on while visiting.  I managed to get it quilted and bound and in a box for Christmas. 

  • Laura's work in progress

     The quilt that is up to needing borders...

  • Grandma Bear

    Skyler is the grandaughter of a friend..  She is one of many children entertained by one of the many Grandma Bears I had made out of the Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt I slept under as a child.

  • Emily's "kilt"

    I got talked into giving a hand quilting class at a sewing shop. The quilt was small and so was the class, but we had fun. The resulting quilt found it's way into a box and got mailed to Massachusettes to my great neice, Emily. Apparently I touched a tender spot in the little girl as you shall see in the next quilt in the gallery.

  • Emily's First Quilt

    My 7 year old niece pieced her first quilt top and I quilted it for her one weekend in February when she came to visit. Her little sister is helping her show it.

  • Rebekah

    On occasion, a niece or two would descend on the sewing room and make a quilt.

  • Orange kids quilt

    Emily made this one Memorial Day weekend.

  • Quilt Building

    When you aren't interested in sewing, but you want to be in the room with the rest of the crew, you turn to the design wall and have at it with the blocks.  This child could not be held back, so I say "let 'er rip!"  What a fun day she had.

  • The Chicken Quilt

    Laura went to a guild meeting with me one day and during show and tell just about clapped her hands off.  One of the ladies noticed her enthusiasm and stopped by my studio one day with a lunch box full of chicken themed fabric.

  • Laura's 1st quilt

    Laura listened very well to all the instructions and pinned everything.  Her pleasure was well earned, she did a beautiful job on her very first blocks.

  • Emily's Rainbow Log Cabin

    Nothing like the satisfaction of getting a quilt done. Emily has been quilting her own for a year or two now and she is pretty good with very little supervision.

  • Laura choosing next project

    There will be serious sticker shock one day when there is no longer "the cupboard" for the girls to shop from.

  • It's not done until the binding is done!

    The final stitches.

  • Laura's working hard
  • Rainbow in your lap!
  • Laura pondering layout

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