About the Ewe Tree

Janice Kiser

Quilts and quilting are a tradition I am proud to help preserve. A quilt’s most simple definition is two layers of cloth with a batting layer between them, stitched together through and through. Yet every quilt transcends that definition; it is the artistic expression of the person making it and part of the life memory of the person who uses it.

I quilt on a Gammill long arm quilting machine, twelve feet long, six feet wide, with a traveling head that I can maneuver around the quilt, sewing patterns in specific places or covering the quilt top from side to side with a pattern. The Gallery has pictures of my quilts and quilts I have done for others, showcasing patterns and quilting techniques.

I have been quilting for other since January of 2003. I have won many ribbons for my own quilts and helped many more ribbons become a reality for my customers. It is an honor and a privilege to help finish a work of art others have put their heart and soul into creating.